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Pivotal HDB Master Segmentation Faults if a Large Number of Roles are Created


 Product  Version
 Pivotal HDB  2.0.1
 Pivotal HDP  2.4


After creating a large number of roles (More than 200), there will be a segmentation fault on the master postgres process.

Error Message:

The HAWQ master log will look like this: 

2016-10-31 14:56:49.214130 GMT,,,p86570,th-2122536672,,,,0,con16,,seg-10000,,,,,"WARNING","01000","Resource manager failed to connect database when loadingrole specifications from pg_authid, error code 1, reason: FATAL:  the database system is in recovery mode",,,,,,,0,,"resourcemanager.c",1168,
2016-10-31 14:56:49.214152 GMT,,,p86570,th-2122536672,,,,0,con16,,seg-10000,,,,,"LOG","00000","Fail to load queue and user definition.",,,,,,,0,,"resourcemanager.c",1130,
2016-10-31 14:56:49.224756 GMT,,,p86570,th-2122536672,,,,0,con16,,seg-10000,,,,,"FATAL","XX000","Fail to load queue and user definition. (resourcemanager.c:496)",,,,,,,0,,"resourcemanager.c",496,"Stack trace:
1    0x8c5858 postgres errstart + 0x288
2    0x8c75db postgres elog_finish + 0xab
3    0x961299 postgres ResManagerMainServer2ndPhase + 0x1d9
4    0x961904 postgres ResManagerMain + 0x534
5    0x961c51 postgres ResManagerProcessStartup + 0x171
6    0x7941f8 postgres <symbol not found> + 0x7941f8
7    0x798884 postgres <symbol not found> + 0x798884
8    0x79ab19 postgres PostmasterMain + 0x759
9    0x4a4069 postgres main + 0x519
10   0x7f9d7d5a8d5d libc.so.6 __libc_start_main + 0xfd
11   0x4a40e9 postgres <symbol not found> + 0x4a40e9
2016-10-31 14:56:49.224807 GMT,,,p86570,th-2122536672,,,,0,con16,,seg-10000,,,,,"LOG","00000","Clean up handler in message server is called.",,,,,,,0,,"rmcomm_MessageServer.c",105,
2016-10-31 14:56:49.226339 GMT,,,p86373,th-2122536672,,,,0,,,seg-10000,,,,,"LOG","00000","resourcemanager process (PID 86570) exited with exit code 1",,,,,,,0,,"postmaster.c",4726,


This is a software defect that you can track here: HAWQ JIRA 1117. 


For immediate relief, remove the roles that were created.

For full resolution, Upgrade to Pivotal HDB 2.1.0




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