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gpbackup Error "slice bound out of range"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.17.x and above 


gpbackup for the metadata is failing with the following error:

class="code-java">[gpadmin@gpdb tmp]$ gpbackup -dbname dbtest -metadata-only
20180112:10:32:17 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Starting backup of database dbtest
20180112:10:32:17 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Backup Timestamp = 20180112103217
20180112:10:32:17 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Backup Database = dbtest
20180112:10:32:17 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Backup Type = Unfiltered Compressed Full Metadata-Only Backup
20180112:10:32:18 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Acquiring ACCESS SHARE locks on tables
Locks acquired:  32431 / 32431 [=======================================================] 100.00% 14s
20180112:10:32:32 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Gathering table metadata
20180112:10:32:46 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Writing global database metadata to /data/master/gp_4.3.19.0_20171227113245-1/backups/20180112/20180112103217/gpbackup_20180112103217_global.sql
20180112:10:32:46 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Global database metadata backup complete
20180112:10:32:46 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[INFO]:-Writing pre-data metadata to /data/master/gp_4.3.19.0_20171227113245-1/backups/20180112/20180112103217/gpbackup_20180112103217_predata.sql
runtime error: slice bounds out of range
20180112:10:33:19 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[WARNING]:-Found neither /usr/local/greenplum-db- nor /home/gpadmin/mail_contacts
20180112:10:33:19 gpbackup:gpadmin:gpdb:010452-[WARNING]:-Unable to send backup email notification


This issue is caused by the external tables that run operating system commands, such as: 

class="code-java">dbtest=# \d ext.external_table_test
External table "ext.external_table_test"
  Column  | Type | Modifiers
 filename | text |
Type: readable
Encoding: UTF8
Format type: text
Format options: delimiter ' ' null '\N' escape '\'
Command: ls -1
Execute on: 1 random segments


This issue has been fixed and it will be included in the future release of GPDB Check the issue number, 29192 to check for GPDB in the release notes.


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