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How to Remove Stale Links on the Tile Logs tab section of Operations Manager UI


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry® (PCF) all versions
  • Operations Manager (Ops Manager)


Some Operators notice in Ops Manager UI -> tile -> Logs tab section that there exist loads of stale URL links for logs files that no longer exist. They would like a way to remove these stale links. 


Follow these steps: 

1. Connect to Ops Manager node via ssh. Run`ssh ubuntu@opsmanagerFQDN`.

2. Connect to the database on the node via PostgreSQL psql:

ubuntu@bosh-stemcell:~$ sudo -u postgres psql tempest_production 

3. Run PostgreSQL command tempest_production=# \dt to display the tables.

4. Run tempest_production=# select * from jobs_logs; to display list of all downloaded logs links.

5. Run tempest_production=# delete from jobs_logs where id=#; to delete individual downloaded log link (where id of stale log can be retrieved from Step 4).

6. If all logs need to be cleared, run tempest_production=# delete from jobs_logs; (This will remove all downloaded log links and cannot be reverted)

7. Return to Ops Manager UI -> Tile -> Logs Tab and verify that entries are removed

Additional Information

The downloaded log files are stored in the Ops Manager at this location: /tmp/jobs_logs/; and can be permanently deleted from here.


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