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How to Create or Remove a Custom Persistent Disk Type Template in Operations Manager


Pivotal Cloud Foundry versions 1.10 and above


There may be a needed to create a custom persistent disk type disk_types as the current predefined templates are not the configuration with a vSphere environment (Ops Manager -> Pivotal Elastic Runtime -> Resource config tab -> Persistent disk type)



We are going to use Ops Manager API docs: https://opsman-dev-api-docs.cfapps.io/#disk-types

1. Log into Ops Manager

2. Use UAAC command to target your Ops Manager and generate token:

uaac target https://<OpsMan-Hostname>/uaa
uaac token owner get
Client name: opsman
Client secret: <Leave this blank>
User name: <Ops man username>
Password: <Ops man password>

3. Use the following command to retrieve the existing pre-loaded disk_types:

uaac curl https://<OpsMan-Hostname>/api/v0/disk_types -k

4. Store the output of above command, you will basically need to add your custom value to the previous JSON

In this example, we will add a custom persistent disk of 1.5 To to the drop down menu:

      "name": "1560576",
      "builtin": true,
      "size_mb": 1560576

5. Add custom disk_types with the desired specification at the bottom of the above output step 3 and use it with the following command:

uaac curl https://<OpsMan-Hostname>/api/v0/disk_types -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{

  "disk_types": [

      "name": "1024",
      "builtin": true,
      "size_mb": 1024

../.. { "name": "1560576", "builtin": true, "size_mb": 1560576 },
../.. { "name": "16777216", "builtin": true, "size_mb": 16777216 } ] }' -k

The changes above are immediate and no restart is required, just refresh the browser to see the new list of options in resource config tab.


  • Please be sure to append the custom disk_types values to the existing list, otherwise, it will replace the entire list of default disk_types
  • You can use the following sectionRemove all custom DISK_TYPES for bringing default disk_types back

Remove all custom DISK_TYPES

Use the following command to remove all custom disk_types and bring default disk_types back value:

uaac curl https://<OpsMan-Hostname>/api/v0/disk_types -X DELETE -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '' -k

Additional Information

Ops Manager API docs: http://opsman-dev-api-docs.cfapps.io/#disk-types


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