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How to Install Pivotal Container Service (PKS)


  • Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Version 1.0
  • Kubernetes
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry BOSH
  • VMware NSX-T
  • Supported by vSphere and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Harbor


PKS uses the On-Demand Broker to deploy Cloud Foundry Container Runtime, a BOSH release that offers a uniform way to instantiate, deploy, and manage highly available Kubernetes clusters on a cloud platform using BOSH. Check the PKS Components list in PKS Docs. Download PKS. You need either Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or vSphere as your infrastructure with Operations Manager 2.0. If you are installing PKS to vSphere, you can also configure integration with NSX-T (integrated with PKS download from Pivotal Network) and Harbor (tile to come live on Pivnet). If you have bought the NSX-T license, you should have a license pack from the Platform or Sales team already. The NSX-T for PAS tile is available for download on Pivotal Network https://network.pivotal.io/products/vmware-nsx-t.


Review the instructions to Install the PKS CLI and the instructions to Install the Kubernetes CLI

Pivotal Docs has a detailed description of

Additional Information

Known Issues and Workarounds:

Read more about PKS and request info from https://pivotal.io/platform/pivotal-container-service


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