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Cloud Foundry Application Services 2.0 and above Fresh Install Fails while Updating CredHub Instance


Pivotal Application Services 2.x


While installing PAS version 2.x, you may encounter the issue when the deployment fails while updating the CredHub instances configured on the PAS tile.


To overcome the issue, since this a fresh installation of PAS, there is nothing stored in the CredHub database yet. So it should be safe to delete the CredHub database and recreate it manually, followed by restarting the CredHub job. Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

1. To fetch the MYSQL-ADMIN-PASSWORD from your Ops Manager. Access https://OPS-MANAGER_URL/api/v0/deployed/products/cf-[GUID]/variables?name=mysql-admin-credentials and then grab the password.

    • where the OPS-MANAGER_URL is your Ops Manager URL and
    • the cf-[GUID] is the PAS deployment name

2. Stop the CredHub job on the CredHub VM/s

bosh -e alias -d cf-[GUID] ssh credhub

sudo su

monit stop credhub

3. SSH to mysql job to drop and recreate the CredHub database

bosh -e alias -d cf-[GUID] ssh mysql

sudo su

mysql -u root -p


show databases;

drop database credhub;

create database credhub;


4. Finally, start the CredHub job on the CredHub VM:

bosh -e alias -d cf-[GUID] ssh credhub

sudo su

monit start credhub

5. Now verify the logs in your credhub.log file located in /var/vcap/sys/log/credhub/credhub.log.

The tables should have been recreated, and the CredHub service should now be running.

6. Verify the monit status by running monit summary.

7. Trigger apply-changes again on the Ops Manager console, and your PAS deployment should be successful.


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