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How to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry® Elastic Runtime License on Pivotal Web Services


  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime
  • Pivotal Web Services
  • PWS-E


This article describes how to deploy Applications Instances entitled under your Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime subscription license to your Pivotal Web Services (PWS) account.


1. If you have not set up an account on PWS:

a. Create a PWS account at https://run.pivotal.io/.

b. Note: The PWS Terms of Service are the sole and exclusive governing terms and conditions with respect to your use of PWS. Any entitlements you obtain under Pivotal’s End User License Agreement to your underlying Pivotal Cloud Foundry subscription license do not govern your use of PWS.

c. Go to step 2.

2. If you are using Pivotal's Customer Support for the first time:

a. Create a Pivotal User Account at https://support.pivotal.io/.

b. Go to step 3.

3. Create a Customer Support Request at https://support.pivotal.io/ and send the following information:

a. Name of the new Pivotal Web Services Accounts you would like to create OR the name of the existing Pivotal Web Services Account you wish to use, and

b. The number of Licensed Application Instances you wish to be entitled to use.

4. Customer Support will then provision the entitlement in the new or existing Pivotal Web Services account. 


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