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tc Server Upgrade Fails With tcruntime-instance


All versions of tc Server


When attempting an upgrade of tc Server runtime major version (E.g 7.x.x.A.RELEASE to 8.x.x.A.RELEASE), the installation fails with error message “upgrade failed”.

Error Message:

"upgrade failed. It is not safe to upgrade an instance whose version is '7.0.62.A.RELEASE', to use version '8.0.23.A.RELEASE'"

Note: This error message uses versions '7.0.62.A.RELEASE' and '8.0.23.A.RELEASE' as an example.


tcruntime-instance command does not support upgrade between major versions of the Tomcat Runtime.  For example, you cannot upgrade from 7.0.62.A.RELEASE to 8.0.23.A.RELEASE as you're jumping a major version. This limitation is due to the fact that there can be large changes across major versions, such as the removal or deprecation of classes, and other breaking changes that only occur in major Tomcat upgrades.


It is not possible to upgrade between major versions of the Tomcat runtime with the tcruntime-instance command.  Instead, you need to create a new tc Server instance and migrate your applications and configuration according to the Tomcat migration guide for your new major version.  The migration guides explain the changes that occur between the Tomcat runtime versions and help you to upgrade your configuration and application so that they are compatible with the new Tomcat Runtime version.

See the following migration guides for reference:



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