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Uploading Windows Runtime Stemcell Fails Stating Invalid Stemcells


Pivotal Cloud Foundry 1.11.x and older

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Runtime for Windows 1.11 and older


You just finished creating a Stemcell Manually for your Windows Runtime. Install of the Windows Runtime Tile will fail with the following error message:

===== 2018-01-29 23:41:00 UTC Running "bundle exec bosh -n upload stemcell /var/tempest/stemcells/bosh-stemcell-1200.7-vsphere-esxi-windows2012R2-go_agent.tgz --skip-if-exists" 
Acting as client 'ops_manager' on 'p-bosh'
Verifying stemcell... 
File exists and readable OK 
Verifying tarball... 
Read tarball OK 
Manifest exists FAILED
Stemcell is invalid, please fix, verify and upload again 
===== 2018-01-29 23:51:07 UTC Finished "bundle exec bosh -n upload stemcell /var/tempest/stemcells/bosh-stemcell-1200.7-vsphere-esxi-windows2012R2-go_agent.tgz --skip-if-exists"; Duration: 606s; Exit Status: 1 


Using an older version of the stembuild utility to build a stemcell

stembuild -vmdk "~/Documents/My VMs/stemcell-base/Virtual Disk.vmdk" -version <YOUR_VERSION_HERE> -os <YOUR_OS>

packages the stemcell in a format that is not compatible with the older Bosh Ruby CLI.


Upgrade to a version of the stembuild utility v0.14 or above to build the stemcell should resolve the problem. The latest stemcell build can be downloaded here.


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