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kubectl top nodes fails with InternalError


Pivotal Container Service (PKS) Version 1.0


In Kubernetes to get resource usage of nodes, we can use kubectl top nodes. In PKS 1.0 this command currently fails with the error below.

Error from server (InternalError): an error on the server 
("Error: 'net/http: HTTP/1.x transport connection broken:
malformed HTTP response \"\\x15\\x03\\x01\\x00\\x02\\x02\"'\nTrying to reach:
has prevented the request from succeeding (get services http:heapster:)


In the current PKS authentication model credentials are stored as bearer tokens rather than certificate credentials. Heapster seems to reject these bearer tokens. More details on this issue can be found at cloudfoundry-incubator/kubo-deployment/issues/263.


At this point, there is no known workaround from the command line. Resource usage of pod and cluster can be viewed using Kubernetes dashboard. Check out how to access Kubernetes dashboard in PKS environment to get these statistics.


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