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How to Store WAN Queue Elements in the Off-Heap Memory


Pivotal GemFire 9.0 or above (any version that supports the off-heap memory feature)


As stated in the GemFire documentation, "WAN queue elements" can be stored in the off-heap memory. This article describes how to configure a Multi-site (WAN) gateway sender to use off-heap memory.


Store the "WAN queue elements" in the off-heap memory by enabling the off-heap memory feature on regions associated with the Gateway Sender. An example snippet of cache configuration is given below:

<gateway-sender id="GwSender" enable-persistence="true"
manual-start="true" batch-size="100" batch-time-interval="1000"
remote-distributed-system-id="1" parallel="true" /> <region name="ExRegion" refid="PARTITION_REDUNDANT_PERSISTENT">
    <region-attributes gateway-sender-ids="GwSender" off-heap="true" />



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