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Operations Manager does not Sync with the Configured NTP Server in PCF 2.0


Operations Manager 2.0


Operations Manager 2.0 no longer uses ntpd daemon to sync its time with the configured ntp server. Instead, the Operations Manager now syncs ntp using ntpdate command scheduled in 15-minute intervals by crontab. This change introduced a bug where Operations manager no longer syncs with the configured ntp servers by default.


  1. Create file the ntpserver file on the Operations Manager VM
    sudo touch /var/vcap/bosh/etc/ntpserver
  2. Open the file with a text editor and add a space delimited list of ntp servers
  3. Operations Manager will now sync with these defined NTP servers every 15 minutes. If you need to sync the time right away you can run this command
    sudo /var/vcap/bosh/bin/ntpdate


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