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Error "negative bitmapset member not allowed"


Pivotal Greenplum Database (GPDB) 4.3.22 and below


When updating or deleting from an AO table the error "negative bitmapset member not allowed" is returned. 

Error Message:

"negative bitmapset member not allowed" 


This error is caused when the first-row number in the aovisimap of an AO/CO table exceeds int max. There is an issue in 4.3.22 and older codes where the first-row number is retrieved from the tuple as a 32-bit integer, but the first-row number is a 64-bit integer.


This issue is fixed in, issue number 29204.

Additional Information

Create an identically defined table and copy the data to the new table. Then rename the tables to use the newly created table. 



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