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Restore from PAS Automated Database Backup is Not Supported in 1.11 and later


Pivotal Application Service 1.11, 1.12, 2.0, and 2.1

Pivotal Cloud Foundry


A new feature called Bosh Backup and Restore (BBR) was introduced in PAS 1.11 and is designed to replace the Internal MySQL Automated Backups feature. This article will explain why Operators should disable this feature and switch to BBR.


Automated Backup feature

The automated backup feature schedules a cron job that automatically takes a full database backup of the internal MySQL database and copies it to remote storage. This feature is a required field in the PAS tile -> Internal MySQL -> Automated backups Configuration



Pivotal recommends disabling this feature. As of PAS 1.11 and later it is not possible to restore the internal MySQL database from a full backup without degrading the Galera MySQL cluster. Bosh Backup and Restore correctly handles the backing up and restoring of they Internal MySQL Database and is the required utility for this purpose. We request Operators switch to Bosh Backup and Restore Immediately.


TO-DO: Provide a path for Operator to restore from an automated backup

Additional Information

The Automated Backup Feature is removed from PAS 2.1 Tile and the Pivotal release documentation 1.11, 1.12. and 2.0 will be updated to reflect this requirement.

Here is the known issue on PCF 2.1 docs: https://docs.pivotal.io/pivotalcf/2-0/pcf-release-notes/runtime-rn.html#automated-backup
Here is an example of the install topic with updated guidance: https://docs.pivotal.io/pivotalcf/2-0/customizing/pcf-aws-manual-er-config.html#internal-mysql


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