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How to Delete your Pivnet API Token from Operations Manager


Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Operations Manager 2.1.x and lower


You may no longer have a need to have the Operations Manager UI Dashboard to display the latest list of higher versioned releases of the products within your PCF foundation. If you have too many tiles installed, this list will be fairly large and may start to get cluttered. Disabling the Pivnet API and clearing the releases metadata would clear up this column.


You can void your current API token by Regenerating it from this link:

To remove the API token and the Pivnet Meta Data from Ops Manager, you can follow the below steps:

1. SSH login to your Operations Manager as the ubuntu user.

2. Login to the Local Operations Manager DB:

sudo -u postgres psql -d tempest_production

3. Delete the API token:

delete from pivotal_network_settings;

4. Delete all saved releases pulled from Pivnet:

delete from pivotal_network_product_releases;

5. Confirm there tables are empty now:

select * from pivotal_network_product_releases;

select * from pivotal_network_settings;

6. Disconnect from the Database:


7. Refresh the Operations Manager UI Dashboard. You should now see that the releases on the left have disappeared.


There are no known risks if this is performed exactly as described. If any other database tables are altered, then it may produce undesirable effects on Operations Manager functionality.

Additional Information

Please note that this is a temporary solution until the feature to delete an existing Pivnet API Token is added to the Operations Manager API and UI.


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