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How to Disable the Data Browser Tab from the Pulse


Pivotal GemFire 8.2.x and 9.x


This article describes how to disable the Data Browser tab from the Pulse.


In Gemfire Pulse, the "Data Browser" tab is a useful tool that gives the user an option to query region data. However, some users have sensitive data in the cache that they do not want is available to all the Pulse users and need a way to disable Data Browser in the GemFire Pulse user interface (UI).

This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. In Gemfire Pulse, users that have only "CLUSTER:READ" permission should not have access to the Data Browser. They would see the link in the Pulse but would be denied access.

2. Alternately, if the pulse.war installation is accessible, the distributed pulse.war file can be modified and the dataBrowser.html can be manually removed from the war file.

To use the second option, do the following:

  • Go to the installation_dir, then to the tools, and then to the Pulse and unpack the pulse.war file jar -xvf pulse.war and move the original pulse.war file (i.e. mv pulse.war ../old_pulse.war).
  • Edit the file WEB-IF/spring-security.xml to include the following lines:

<!-- Restricted urls -->
<!-- Hide Data Browser tab for Pulse-Cheetah Release -->
<intercept-url pattern="/DataBrowser.html" access="ROLE_RESTRICTED" />
<intercept-url pattern="/dataBrowserQuery" access="ROLE_RESTRICTED" />
<!-- Restricted urls -->

3. Repack the pulse.war file with the command jar -cvf pulse.war *.

Note- Clear the browser cache so that it can recognize the new restriction.


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