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Upgrading to PASW v2 and above fails with Colocated job error


Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 2.0 and above

Pivotal Application Service for Windows 2012R2 (PASW 2012R2) 2.0 and above

Pivotal Application Service for Windows (PASW) 2.0 and above


Uploading Pivotal Application Service for Windows tile results in the following error:

Error: Colocated job 'enable_rdp' is already added to the instance group 'windows_diego_cell'


In prior versions of PAS for Windows 2012R2 (i.e. PCF Runtime for Windows 1.12 and earlier), particular integrated Windows operations features (e.g. RDP), were only available by configuring a BOSH runtime config, instead of in the Ops Manager tile UI. Thus in PCF 1.12 and prior, operators who needed these features, so-called “Windows Utilities,” may have configured a runtime config to “colocate” these configuration jobs onto Windows Diego cells to enable them.

In 2.0 and later, the Windows utilities jobs are configurable in the tile UI, and thus the runtime config is no longer required. When upgrading, the pre-existing runtime config in PCF 1.12 and prior can interfere with the jobs configured by the new tile versions, since BOSH only allows jobs to be colocated once.

To resolve this, the runtime config must be updated to exclude the Windows utilities jobs in PASW 2012R2 2.0 and above, and PASW 2.1 and above.


Update the runtime config on the Director.

Download the runtime config using the following command:

bosh runtime-config

Take a backup of the runtime.yml

cp runtime.yml runtime.bkp.yml

Edit the runtime config:l

vi runtime.yml

To remove the runtime config entirely, update the runtime.yml to contain the following:

releases: []
addons: []

The runtime config may contain jobs other than the Windows Utilities jobs. Look for the jobs that configure “windows-utilities-release” to remove them selectively and retain the rest of the runtime config.

To apply the new runtime config, use the following:

bosh update-runtime-config runtime.yml

Go back to the Ops Manager dashboard and click Apply Changes. The error should go away.


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