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Redis On-Demand Smoke Test Fails to Create A 'cache-small' Plan Instance with error "can't use multiple availability zones"


Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) 1.9


Redis On-Demand Smoke Tests fails to create a 'cache-small' plan instance giving the following error "can't use multiple availability zones" in the On-Demand Broker log file:

[on-demand-service-broker] [...] 2018/04/23 03:35:42.072136 BOSH task ID 690 status: error create deployment for instance ...: Descripti
on: create deployment Result: CPI error 'Bosh::Clouds::CloudError' with message 'can't use multiple availability zones: subnet in us-west-2b, VM in...


The corresponding subnet for the On-Demand-Service network is assigned to Availability Zone (AZ) "us-west-2c", but the subnet is actually a part of another AWS AZ "us-west-2b".


Here are the steps to resolve this issue.

1. If some other service tiles like RabbitMQ depend on the On-Demand-Service network to be in the old AZ "us-west-2c", remove those tiles with that dependency.

2. Correct the AZ configuration in Director tile. PCF AZs should map with IAAS AZs and one AZ's subnet cannot be part of another AZ.

3. Reinstall all previously removed service tiles, including the Redis tile.



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