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How to clear definitions on a RabbitMQ cluster


Open Source RabbitMQ


Users are able to clear the definitions (vhosts, users, permissions, queues, exchanges, bindings, parameters, policies) on an operating RabbitMQ cluster, before importing another cluster JSON definition. This article talks about how to clear these definitions .


There are two options here:

Option 1 is below:

1. Follow the commands to clear the definitions completely on a RabbitMQ environment:

  • rabbitmqctl stop_app on all server nodes
  • rabbitmqctl reset

Option 2 is below:

2. Follow the commands to clear only the queues and exchanges on a RabbitMQ environment, it is best to delete the vhosts and users separately:

  • rabbitmqctl delete_vhost <vhost>
  • rabbitmqctl delete_user <vhost>




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