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Windows deploy fails with "enable_ssh" error as the drain scripts failed


Pivotal Elastic Runtime (Pivotal Application Service) for Windows tile


When deploying PAS for Windows, deploy fails with error:

drain scripts failed. Failed Jobs: enable_ssh.

Error Message:

Task 24756 | 23:30:53 | Updating instance windows_diego_cell: windows_diego_cell/3cf60898-a2f4-41d3-a81f-f90d0e1dbb3d (0) (canary) (00:00:13)
L Error: Action Failed get_task: Task 2af6afeb-d1e1-4b68-449d-beb5663fdb89 result: 1 of 3 drain scripts failed. Failed Jobs: enable_ssh. Successful Jobs: rep_windows, enable_rdp.


There is a defect in PAS for Windows tile where if Open SSH is not installed in stemcell then this will cause drain script to fail when Windows Diego cell shuts down.


This issue is fixed in version 2.1.2, 2.0.4, and 1.12.8 versions of PAS for Windows tile.

  • [Bug Fix] Bumps windows-utilities-release to v0.7.0 to fix an issue where drain scripts fail if OpenSSH is not installed.

If you are at lower version than this, then you will need to manually deploy with flag --skip-drain=windows_diego_cell in order to avoid this issue and get to the version with the fix.

Perform the steps:

1. Upload and configure version 2.1.2, 2.0.4, or 1.12.8 version of PAS for Windows tile via Operations Manager UI.

2. SSH to Operations Manager: ssh ubuntu@<opsmanager fqdn>

3. Deploy Windows for PAS tile manually with --skip-drain=windows_diego_cell flag:

  • bosh v1bosh deploy --skip-drain=windows_diego_cell /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments/p-windows-runtime-0867eda19243ad768c06.yml

  • bosh v2bosh -e my-env -d p-windows-runtime-0867eda19243ad768c06 deploy --skip-drain=windows_diego_cell /var/tempest/workspaces/default/deployments/p-windows-runtime-0867eda19243ad768c06.yml

4. Future deploys will no longer have a problem once Windows tile is upgraded to release with v0.7.0 of windows-utilities.

Additional Information 

See release notes: https://docs.pivotal.io/pivotalcf/2-1/pcf-release-notes/windows-2012r2-rn.html


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