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Is deploying a job using JAVA api is possible in springXD

We want to create framework using java api according to source it will select jar and deploy it in springxd.
We don't want to use sprind xd console or ui for deployment.
Product- Spring XD
Version- 1.3.1.RELEAASE
Tauseef khan
tauseef khan

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Hi Tauseef,

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do but here are 2 options, the first is to create a script that contains the SpringXD commands you wish to run:

xd-shell --cmdfile [filename]

What should be placed in this file is exactly what you would enter via the shell:

xd:>stream create --name test --definition "http | file" --deploy

so in the file you would place:

stream create --name test --definition "http | file" --deploy


The second approach is to use the REST API

To deploy & manage a stream you can use the following endpoints:

To deploy & manage a Job you can use the following endpoints:


If you are looking at creating custom modules then you will need to follow 


Hope that answers you question.

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