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Mysql Dump into Gemfire

I have a requirement to move the mysql database dump into Gemfire storage(Export). Can you please assist me what are all the possible way to do it.


Saravanan Marimuthu

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I believe there are no handy ways to export whole the database based on RDBMS like MySQL into KVS like GemFire, because of the following reasons.

  • involving OR mapping
  • no foreign key constraint with KVS (GemFire)

If you've already had java domain classes mapped from table data of MySQL, you can simply put java objects instantiated based on the domain classes with reading table data of MySQL into GemFire cache.

By the way, if you have your data on Pivotal Greenplum (analytical DBMS modified from PostgreSQL), you can use GemFire-Grennplum Connector to export the database to GemFire cache by its command line tools.

[GemFire-Greenplum Connector]

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