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using HA for deadletter queue

hi, I am setting up HA policy for all the queues to allow high availability. It works for all queues except the deadletter queue. since i can only apply one policy to a queue, so i have to combine the dead-letter policy with my HA policy. 

the deadletter policy targets all the queues except the deadletter queue, which applies a 5 seconds delay to move all messages from all the queues if they are not picked up within 5 seconds (this is configurable). something like this in the pattern:  



Now, to enable ha-mode to all, i am using the same deadletter policy for the ha. this works fine for all the queues except the queues excluded from the deadletter policy (i.e. deadletter_queue, etc)

I am not sure if there is discussion for this but i am not able to find any, would appreciate any pointers, suggestions. 



min lin

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