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Using Custom serialization with Gemfire like Kryo library

I am looking to use a custom serialization library with Pivotal Gemfire 8.2.7. From documentation it seems the only option is to use DataSerializer, but it's not very clear how I can configure Gemfire to off-load the serialization of my custom java classes using a third party library such as Kryo (

Can someone please point me to some code samples on how to do this? If at least I can figure how to use my own custom serialization, instead of the included PDX or DataSerializer, that will also be good.


Vinod Agarwal

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As far as  I know, Kryo is not a drop-in replacement for Java standard serialization mechanism, of course, nor GemFire PDX, nor GemFire DataSerializer. So, I think there are no handy ways to off-load the serialization with Kryo for GemFire at least.

You can customize the ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer as a supported feature of GemFire, instead.

[Extending the ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer]

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