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automating gemfire backup

I'm very new to gemfire. I was looking for ideas on how some of you are automating the backups of disk-stores? I am able to do a backup manually through gfsh, with the backup disk-store command, but I need to run this on multiple nodes, from a single location. In a script, how can I connect to to a remote locator, and then pass a backup command through that connection? can I string gfsh commands together into a single line? to connect and then backup? Any ideas? I apologize for my newbieness. Thanks!

Kyle Reynolds

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In GemFire 8.0 you can use the gfsh backup disk-store command to back up persistent data from all members to the specified directory.
The specified directory must exist on all members, but it can be a local directory on each machine. This
command ensures that backup files are not corrupted by concurrent operations. Backing up a running
system using the operating system copy command is not recommended.

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