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How to load multiple rows with RowLoader functionality or diffrent way to connect to external databases?

I am looking for the way to retrive data from external databases when the user query Gemfire XD table. In documentation I saw very interesting functionality: RowLoader. But since this works only when clausule WHERE contains equality (=) on every part of primary key than it can load only one record from external database. So my question is:
1.) Is it possible to recive more records useing RowLoader functionality? Is it possible to work around PK restrictions?
2.) If not, is it possible to to create db-links that points to external databases (or any other approach that give me opportunity to retrieve data from diffrent data sources while executing query against Gemfire XD table)?


Andrzej Hubert Wencław

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I am also working on ROWLoader, please help me on this. I am not getting support for POC. They are asking me to purchase license for POC . Please help me on this. Below is the case.

I am working on JDBCRowLoader.. I followed all the instructions, running below attach_loader.
call sys.attach_loader('app', 'cust', 'com.mohan.coe.JDBCRowLoader', '|url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@pivhdsne:1521/xe|query-string=select * from system.cust where id=111|user=SYSTEM|password=abcdef|min-connections=5|max-connections=100');

It is printing oracle connection details in the gemfire xd server log and connection is not being established to oracle and do the needful. The above statement is executing successfully.

Please do help in this. By the way, I am using sqlf interface. Only issue is connection is not being established to oracle. JDBCRowLoader initialization is finished successfully.

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