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Get the same url when many Servers are set up

We are testing Gemfire XD. as explained in the tutorial, we setup one locator and two servers.
Our Java application uses both Non XA and SQL XA Connection. Before starting the application checks if Non XA and XA target DB are the same.
Both connections are set with the url jdbc:gemfirexd://localhost:1527. But when the Application asks for the DB url the server address is returned. So when the application asks for DB urls it receives jdbc:gemfirexd://localhost:1528 for NoXA and jdbc:gemfirexd://localhost:1529 for XA. Then an exception is thrown
The workaround we find is to start one server but it is not exactly what we want to Deploy.
Is there a configuration to return the locator address instead the Server Address
Thank you


paul perez

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