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Madlib on Pivotal HD VM

I am playing around with the Pivotal HD VM, and more specifically, HAWQ.

I went through the canonical setup and can query the supplied test data via postgres. My next course of action is to setup madlib, however I have hit some speed bumps.

According to [1], the VM should have come with madlib preinstalled, however - the madlib table in the default database is not populated, and running locate madpack returns no results. This leads me to believe that madlib isn't actually installed on the VM. Going down that road, I downloaded the madlib package and followed the documentation at [2], but this time the gppkg command referred to in step 3 of the documentation complains that the -f flag does not exist. Dropping the flag results in the command executing, but complaining about the MASTER_DATA_DIRECTORY environment variable.

I would rather not drop into this rabbit hole if there is an easy way out. Does madlib in fact come preinstalled on the Pivotal VM? Am I missing something?


Bryan Bickford

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