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Where are the spring-cloud services?

I wanted to start playing around with spring-cloud with my trial account and found this page where it's described how to add spring-cloud services, but I can't find those services in the Marketplace.

Are they not visible because I only have a free trial or why aren't they avialable?

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Jean-Pierre Bergamin

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Spring Cloud Services is a part of Pivotal CF. If you have your own PCF installation, you can install the Spring Cloud Services tile into it. After doing so, you'll see the Spring Cloud Services in the marketplace. Instructions for installing the tile can be found here.

If you're targeting Pivotal Web Services, you cannot currently use Spring Cloud Services as the tile is not currently installed. If you're targeting a different CF installation, you should contact the service provider who runs the installation to see if they support Spring Cloud Services.

That said, you can use Spring Cloud without Cloud Foundry. It's possible to run locally, like if you're just testing. It's also possible to run on your own hardware or on AWS. Lastly, you could check out Lattice which is similar to CF and can be a good way to run your applications that utilize Spring Cloud.

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I was talking about Pivotal Web Services, yes. So it explains a lot if you say that Spring Cloud Services is not installed there. Thanks for the clarification.

Jean-Pierre Bergamin 0 votes