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create service broker failed when install spring cloud service V1.0.3 on PCF

when I installed the spring cloud service v1.0.3 on PCF(ops manager vSphere v1.6.4, el astic runtime v1.6.7), all things done well until running the errand register-service-broker'. It exited with error:

Creating service broker p-spring-cloud-services as admin...
Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: The service broker returned an invalid response for the request to Status Code: 302 Found, Body:
I tried to run it manually on a shell but it came with the same problem. Did I miss anything?

xiong meijun

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It's hard to say what's causing the 502 with the given information. If you cf login as an admin user, target the system org and p-spring-cloud-services space you'll see the SCS broker & broker-worker applications. Run cf logs on both applications, then try provisioning a new SCS service. This should result in dumping some error messages from one of the two applications, and the errors will provide details about what is wrong.

The common causes of a 502 are listed here:

Hope that helps!

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