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Gemfire information required


    I am evaluating the Pivotol Gemfire for my organization.  I have tried the basic examples (Java)  . But with Spring data gemfire, my experiments fails and does not work as expected .Anyone my question is related to something else which i could not find in your documentation  .  

My scenario is like this -  I have a Server , publisher & susbcriber scenario based on your examples I saw that , when i push data from publisher to the   server the susbscriber gets it.  But incase if  my susbcriber client comes up after the push is done , the data is not pushed by server again to susbscriber.   I wnat my susbcriber clients could be many to get the data again from server when they become active.

I am not sure what is the option to make this , is it CACHING_PROXY or something else. I have tried with PROXY but it does not pull or get from server the data. 


My second question is can I have a Python client to access the server cache which is loaded using java . I see examples of REST API for Python , is that the only way ?






Felix T


felix thomas

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For your first question, you should implement durable messaging so that clients can still receive data published while disconnected:

For your second question, you should use REST API with your Python client:


For additional questions, please post them here -->

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